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Authorized dealer of Old Hickory Sheds
Howard Equipment began in St. Anthony, Idaho in 1965. Its founder, Merrill Howard, opened for business in an old Associated Seed warehouse with one Minneapolis-Moline tractor on the sales lot. With the help of his six sons, his three daughters, and his wife Joyce, Merrill grew the tractor business from its humble beginnings to be the largest White Farm Equipment dealer in the Northwest in 1977.
By 1993 Merrill and Joyce had decided to pursue their lifelong dream of being able to serve missions for the LDS Church, so they auctioned most of the tools and inventory. Then the business property was sold to Wade Trost (of Trost Feed and Seed) who operates his business next door.
(We plan to add more history and pictures to this page as time and availability permit. Thanks for your patience)
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